If you are looking for authentic graphic design services in London, you have come to the right place. Flokk Creative is an enthusiastic group of designers that help create inspiring designs based on your unique ideas.

Flokk Creative helps you keep up with the changing global market. It is more than just a design service; we value our customers first as our services are entirely customer-centric. We believe that trust is what keeps the customers and the company united because ultimately, we have the same goals, to develop an attractive marketing strategy to target the right audience. 

Flokk creative believes in creating long-term relationships with our customers. You won’t regret making a deal with us because we offer high-quality branding services at a competitive price.

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Welcome to a world of enormous possibilities where your brand and your identity are what matters the most. Art is a beautiful way to communicate and what better way to express all your services presented in a vibrant display of all your unique points!

Flokk Creative believes in providing a fool-proof service, which is flexible as we allow you to revise the designs multiple times and free of cost! This gives you freedom and opens numerous possibilities for being creative without an extra charge.



If you are looking forward to saving money and getting the best service, all in an attractive package then you have come to the right place. Flokk creative offers you designer services at one stop, saving you time and energy.

All you must do is follow our simple three-step process.

  1. Fill out our form with your design brief to get a price quote.
  2. Try the service and get unlimited revisions, free of extra cost.
  3. Check out our portfolio for all the graphic design services we offer.

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Our services are not just limited to creating brand identity as you will get to enter a creative world full of possibilities that will inspire you to present your brand in the best way. The more you know about your brand and what it offers to the ever-challenging market, you will be able to express your services to your customers and shape them accordingly.

We offer services like a website, your own brand portfolio, personalized logos, product packaging, creating a social media presence, and even product presentations. Basically, anything you want to get designed for your brand, from product creation and promotion to sales and distribution.



We will make designs as per your requests whether it is for a website, product packaging, or logos that speak volumes about your brand and its purpose. The designs will be easy for both web pages as well as all electronic devices without any difference in color and composition.

Even if you are unsatisfied with the first design draft, you can request countless revisions without paying extra. This will enhance your ability to come up with the best design most suitable for your brand.

Flokk creative helps you cut to the chase and save time by providing you with experienced digital designers in London who are hand-picked for their effortless performance.

You will not be charged extra in any way unless you want anything extra, that is our rule and functioning at Flokk creative with no hidden price charges.

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Productivity is a priority

Flokk creative allows your inner designer to come out without any bounds because we require you to be the most authentic version of yourself that reflects your marketing goals clearly.

Most websites do offer tons of freelance designers, but you cannot possibly assume that you will have a positive or kind experience and not to mention the scams. At Flokk creative, you will not just get a luxury graphic design experience but also get to work with designers who will root for you and focus their attention on getting your work done.

You will get to make the perfect visual representation of your unique ideas which will be displayed in the best way without paying extra money or regretting your decision halfway through.

Keep it super simple

At Flokk creative, we believe in keeping it simple in all matters. You get to direct all your focus and attention on the nourishment of your design input, and you will get direct output in simple ways. You don’t need to have long meetings with designers to get to the point.

This will enhance your creativity and allow you to stay focused. You will get updates and details on how to carry on the entire branding process with complete transparency.

To get our services, submit a quote and get started.

Save more & do more

You know the issues when dealing with a designer that is often more enthusiastic about their own ideas rather than putting you as a focus. We at Flokk creative make sure the customer is heard before we aid them visually in terms of enhancing their ideas into something beautiful, catchy, and expressive.

You will get work done quickly and at more than half the price of what you were getting yourself into. Because our designers also provide a detailed analysis of your ideas, we will help you with creative graphic design that speaks more to your customers on all media formats to help boost your sales and promotion. You can always revise the designs according to your personal taste along with a professional opinion which you will always get on time or even before time! 

What are you waiting for? join the best graphic design service in London.

Effective Visualization

They don’t just say ‘first impression is the last impression’ for no reason because that is quite literally what it means. Your customers will be attracted to your work, brand, or company only when you have visually appealing content that aligns with your company values and services. We will help you create a story that touches all aspects of a customer’s mind.

The designers at Flokk creative will quickly convert your raw ideas into fruitful designs that are bound to appeal to a vast market. All this at an affordable rate, with no-nonsense talks, and the speed you require to function in an ever-growing global market.


Latest Work.

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  • We care about your brand just as much as you do. You will be in touch with our talented team of expert graphic designers from London who will provide detailed insight and analysis of your brand identity designs, making sure it is in tune with current market trends.
  • You will also have a positive experience that will create long-term relationships with our brand.
  • Your ideas are safe with us. At Flokk Creative, we give great attention to not just a detail but also trust. Your brand identity and ideas will stay confidential unless you decide to share them with the world.
  • It is more than just marketing services because our passionate designers want to see your brand performing well.
  • We don’t compromise your value whether you are a small business, a new up-and-coming brand, or an already thriving company in need of a change. All our customers will get equal opportunities to shine.

“Professional & Cost-effective Service”
We are a small agency, so I wanted to outsource and work with Flokk creative for my brand identity tasks. I had an amazing experience working with designers who were professional in their behavior and understood how I wanted my brand to be represented across all media channels. The services were timely and cost-effective but what matters the most is the positive experience I had with the team.

Oliver George Creative Director

“A breath of fresh air”
Usually, when you work with freelancers, it comes with tons of unproductive meetings, time difference issues, and sometimes even getting scammed. I was lucky to find Flokk creative and found a graphic designer that understood how I would like to be represented in digital media. The artwork looked phenomenal, and the designer even improvised my initial idea. It was a complete pleasure!

Harry Robinson Marketing head

“Creative & Inspiring”
I was pleasantly surprised to find this professional graphic design company in London and the variety of high-quality services it offers. The designers waste no time and perform quickly, it is hard to keep up with their enthusiasm. I required a memorable brand presence across digital channels and print media. I’m highly satisfied with the work and cost-effectiveness.

John Foster Media Coordinator

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